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Added Sep 23rd 2020

CSG Infant School & Nursery PTA have been looking for new ideas to fundraise whilst also supporting the many wonderful local businesses around us. We have put together a local shopping directory that will promote local businesses for a really reasonable fee, with the aim of mutual gain! There is a sample page pictured below.

The cost is £20 for a full year of listing, which includes your weblink (you are very welcome to provide an affiliate link/promotional link!).

If you would like more info, please email csginfantpta@gmail.com and we will send you further information and the sign up form.

The website is ready to go, and we plan to go live once we have a few more businesses/people signed up, before the end of September.

We look forward to hearing from you! Rachel & Rachel, Co-Chairs of the PTA
Wheels on the bus go round and round!

We now have a good bus service going through our village in Chalfont St Giles, every hour. The 104 bus goes from Uxbridge to High Wycombe. In addition we have the 105 which goes along the London Road. This is quite fantastic as finally we are able to go to several train stations, the Hospital in High Wycombe as well as the Theatre and the shops. We in the Chalfont St Giles 60+ Fitness and Social Club have campaigned for years after we lost the 305 bus, but we did get nowhere. Now all of a sudden we have a bus service.
It will mean less pollution on the roads if people use the bus. Old people in their 90's do not have to drive to get anywhere. Very importantly young, working people will be able to get to work and those looking for work have a wider circle to find work.
I can't wait to go on the bus but unfortunately have lost my bus pass, as I have not been able to use it for over a year. I just ordered a replacement which is costing £10.

Karoline Lamb

Although its disappointing that some firework displays are being cancelled this year, do not despair! How about getting together with a few neighbors and pool your resources and purchase a great selection of fireworks which we can advise you on and then fire them from one neighbors' garden while everyone else watches from their respected garden so as to keep the social distancing requirements with up to 6 people in each garden. You could also share the cost of food and drink!

Added Sep 16th 2020

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Over Endowed

Sue and Sibyl are over endowed- with quinces!! If anyone would like some to make quince jelly please call Sue on 875568.

May Morning Remembered

5am - a May morning 2020, a far-off sound disturbs my slumber. I lay there, the sound draws nearer. Everything else is quiet, virus quiet. I suddenly jerk upright in my bed. I recognise that sound. It is the breath-taking song of a CUCKOO! ( not the usual dawn coo-cooing of a White Collard Wood-pigeon coo cooing around looking for a mate) but a fully fledged Summer visitor looking to fulfil it's evil deeds on our unsuspecting and innocent feathered friends.  As the rising Sun crawls its way up and over the Horizon, I open my eyes and gaze upward into a beautiful cloudless blue sky, broken only by the long chalk-like streak of a jet liner's vapour trail as it silently and laboriously  climbs higher and higher into the Stratosphere. My mind drifts back, to times past, when I last heard the sound of the Cuckoo, then even further back to when I actually saw one !  It was on a school Nature Walk over 70 years ago organised by our enlightened lady teacher during WW2, across nearby fields and meadows full of Summer flowers, whilst King Cups were in full bloom in the nearby river, and lovely pink wild roses, in full bloom, could be seen, struggling to emerge from nearby ancient hedgerows. We could hear the Cuckoo in a nearby woodland flitting from tree to tree, then as we rounded a nearby hedge - guess what, there it was, perched on a 5 barred wooden Farmer's gate ! Although almost 20 yards away, I was shocked to see, that it was a nondescript looking bird, brown and grey in colour, and no larger than your average Blackbird. It's size and colour belied the wonderful melodious notes which now issued from its throat, and which earlier in the year had raised all our spirits at the thought of midsummer with its dreams of sultry evenings in my garden outside, with friends, conversations, and refreshing drinks all round. Suddenly the silence crumbles - a lone early morning vehicle grinds hesitantly along the winding country lane below me - successfully negotiating the twisting, turning, pot hole ravaged road surface and on towards our local Milton's favoured country village. Having passed by, I strain my ears - but nothing, the CUCKOO has gone! Across the valley, the once swollen river from winter rains is now merely a meandering twinkling ribbon of light, whilst the mighty English oak, now in full leaf stands - a silent sentinel - a witness, to all it surveys. And so ends my brief and audible encounter with an echo, with the promise of Summer dreams yet to come.
'The cuckoo comes in April
It sings it's song in May
It breaks it's tune in the middle of June
And then it flies away “


Bryan Stanley Bowstridge - Ward Esq

Added Sep 9th 2020

Did you win?


Results and galleries of the entries for the virtusl competitions are now available to view on the show website. www.csgshow.org


Many thanks to everybody who entered into this year's Show with a difference and thanks from the competitions team for your support.

Planning Application Chalfont St Giles

Congratulations to Paul Killingbock and the Protect St Giles Greenbelt Group on getting the Paradigm's High View Planning Application overturned.
I was surprised when I read the 45 pages how much effort went into achieving this.

Hopefully this wonderful group of local people will carry on protecting our village.

The planned development in Narcot Lane would also cause a lot of problems with access, traffic and other problems as there were at High View.
If you good people still have enough strength, please, help with getting this overturned as well.

Karoline Lamb.

Added Sep 2nd 2020

Breaking News re Paradigm’s High View Planning Application


The past 6 months or so have been amongst the strangest most of us have faced in our lifetimes and of course have made us focus on the bigger issues of the health and welfare of our loved ones and the state of the economy.


However, with this as a backdrop, our campaign against the proposed development by Paradigm Housing on our Green Belt continued, albeit at a less frenetic pace. We have continued with our weekly Committee meetings and contacted the Chiltern District Planners and our local Parish Council on a regular basis to ensure we were fully up to date with their assessment of Paradigm's unmerited attack on our Green Belt.


We are beyond delighted to be able to announce that the Planning Officer, Mr Graham Mansfield, has decided to reject Paradigm's proposal and this view has been supported by his management team.  The principal reason for rejection of this development was based on the Green Belt designation of the land although there were other important contributory factors as well.  We have attached a copy of Mr Mansfield's Case Officer Report which states in detail the grounds on which the Application was rejected and also a Decision document which summarises the 3 main reasons for refusal. 


This is fantastic news for maintaining the integrity of Chalfont St Giles as a proper village with defined boundaries, and a culture and community spirit that we should all be rightly proud of.


On behalf of all the Committee we would like to thank each and everyone of you for your efforts which undoubtedly have been a very significant factor in making this rejection happen. Thank you:


  • For writing a quite extraordinary 500+ letters of protest against the development which represents nearly 1 in 4 households in the Village - what an achievement !

  • For donations without which we would not have been able to fund our Professional Planning and Highways Consultants 

  • To the dozens of you who tirelessly leafleted and engaged with residents to get our 'Protect St Giles' Green Belt' message across

  • To those who spent weekends on the Village Green at the Farmers' Markets gathering support for our 2,500+ signature Petition

  • To the Editor of the Chalfont St Giles Newsletter for helping us to make everyone aware of the threat to our Green Belt

  • A big thank you to our Parish Council, our local District Councillors, particularly Carl Jackson, for their valuable assistance and advice and to our local MP Dame Cheryl Gillam for her demonstrative support including a photo-call and writing personally to the CEO of Paradigm asking him to explain his actions!

  • Last and most definitely not least, to all of you who just read our emails, helped to spread the word and showed what a wonderful sense of Community Spirit there is in Chalfont St Giles


Whilst it is still possible that Paradigm will choose to make an Appeal within the next 6 months against the decision, we are told that it would then take a minimum of a year before the Appeal could be heard at a Public Hearing. If an Appeal is lodged by Paradigm then we shall continue to liaise with our local Councillors and the Bucks County Council Planning Committee to offer them whatever assistance and support we can in defending their correct decision to reject this planning application.


Meanwhile, we shall continue albeit at a more relaxed pace to engage with all relevant parties and in particular to strive to see if there are any possibilities to make the land off High View permanently safe from development. If anyone at any time has any thoughts or ideas with regards to this our mailbox remains open and monitored regularly so please do drop us a line.


I know you will all join us in thanking the Committee for their efforts which at times came very close to a full time job for some .


Thank you again for taking pride in our Village and showing what Community Spirit can achieve.


We may need more help in the future but for now let us celebrate the rejection of Paradigm's proposals and the successful defence of the land off High View and our Village Green Belt.


Many thanks to you all



Paul Killingback

On behalf of the

Protect St Giles Greenbelt Group


PDF documents detailing the refusal are here and here

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