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Added Apr 8th 2020

Environmental Recording

Nature on your door step

While the planes are grounded and the traffic is reduced, many of you may be taking advantage of the reduced noise levels to listen to the birds singing.
Whilst the COVID 19 outbreak is having devastating effects on our ‘normal’ lives, the wildlife is enjoying our less polluted air and quieter environment.

If you or your children are looking for something to do, why not identify the wildlife on our doorstep.

A pdf with many links has been produced by CSG Parish Council and can be downloaded from here
Chalfont St Giles Show Committee gives donation of £2,400 to ALL TOGETHER COMMUNITY for Covid 19 support.
Every year the Show Committee decides how much money, if any, can be put aside to give to local charities and good causes. The committee was about to consider in detail all the applications received when the Covid 19 crisis broke.

It was unanimously decided by the Committee that the Chalfont St Giles Show should donate the total amount available of £2,400 to the All Together Community group. This will help to provide support to those who are most in need in our village in this time of crisis.

We are particularly lucky to have a strong community in our village who have mobilised to help the vulnerable and those facing hardship from the lockdown. The All Together Community group, run by Louise Chamberlain, is using donations to provide food and other essentials to those hardest hit. 

We have also taken the difficult, but right, decision to cancel the show in September this year. We will keep the situation under review to see whether there can be any further donations to deserving groups in our community in 2021.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact secretary@csgshow.org

If you would like to donate to All Together Community’s work in the village please email Louise Chamberlain at info@alltogethercic.co.uk for details.

If you are experiencing difficulties or anxiety because of the Covid 19 crisis, know someone who is, or just need a helping hand or to hear a friendly voice, the Chalfont St Giles Community Support Network can help.

Further information available at https://csghelpline.co.uk/

Yes! - we have successfully transposed most of the events planned for the 2020  Literary Festival to 2021.  Our speakers have been very pleased to hear from us and to "sign up" to the postponed festival.

The Festival dates will be between 11th and 23rd May.

As we are sure you will understand, some events will not be on the exact corresponding date but most are.  When we have a complete programme we will let you know.

I hope for many of you this will be something good to look forward to.

Keep safe everyone!

Kathleen Martin
Chairman, Chalfont St Giles & Jordans Literary Festival 2021

Easter Week Parish Church Arrangements, details on the Churches page here

Added April 1st 2020 

But none of this is a joke!

From a very hard working supermarket assistant....

From employees at the Supermarkets

Just because we are open doesn't mean we are here for you to spend your time BROWSING around. We are designated as an ESSENTIAL SERVICE. We are not here for you because you have nothing else to do. We are not here for you because you feel like getting out of the house for awhile. We are in a STATE OF EMERGENCY. This is NOT A VACATION! Every customer who walks in our doors PUTS US AT RISK. We really don't want to be here, but we realize that we are needed. YOU don't see how many times a day we wash and sanitize our hands to try to keep ourselves safe. YOU don't see our upset co-workers in the break room struggling to keep their composure. YOU don't see our spouses who worry about us every minute we are at work and who is our strength when we get home. We have our jobs to do and we realize the IMPORTANCE OF OUR JOB TO YOU. The LEAST you can do is come in with a sense of purpose, get what you need, and get yourselves HOME. IN AND OUT.


CSG Coronavirus Community Network is working well, with road coordinators assigned to roads, supporting those who are housebound who need shopping or prescriptions collected. We also have a growing database of people offering their help.
However, there must be many people feeling lonely and isolated who would welcome a friendly call to talk about how they are doing.

If you know of someone who would like us to provide this service, please fill in the contact form on our website at https://csghelpline.co.uk/#contact or phone the Road Coordinator who will pass the information on. Please ensure for the purposes of data protection, that the person concerned is  appy for their information to be forwarded.

Thank you!

If you have any other queries about the CSG Coronavirus Support Network, please email elle.oconnor@ntlworld.com
The main car park to Hodgemoor Woods in Bottrells Lane will be closed. Here is a note from Forestry England who have been under pressure from the Police to reduce un-necessary car trips...

"Help stop the spread of coronavirus. Stay home, stay safe – please do not come to our forests...
"The most important thing for Forestry England is to keep the public and our staff safe. The government has said everyone must stay at home apart from essential travel. Sadly this means we have to ask you not to come to the nation’s forests. We will keep monitoring the situation closely and follow the latest advice from Public Health England.

"Be inspired
"For over 100 years, we have been growing, shaping and caring for over 1,500 of our nation’s forests for the benefit and enjoyment of all, for this generation and the next. We are still working behind the scenes to bring you stories from the nation's forests as we continue to care for the land and trees. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest.

"The decision has been made to close all of our car parks wherever possible across East England Forest District. The current government advice is avoid all non-essential journeys. Further information can also be found on our web site https://www.forestryengland.uk/coronavirus-visitor-information"

This action is now nationwide. Many of us regret this action because there is no health danger in driving to the woods to walk the dog if one keeps 2 metres away from others, but the government guidelines are pretty clear on "un-necessary travel" "We advise you to stay local and use open spaces near to your home where possible – do not travel unnecessarily."

The Gardens Association have been busy thinking up new ideas to help us all to continue to garden during the current COVID-19 and have come up with a couple of ideas:

Seed matching service

You may be aware that due to the coronavirus lockdown there is suddenly a great interest in growing fruit and vegetables and consequently seeds are sold out in many of the usual outlets.  As most packets of seeds contain more seeds than an average gardener would need, we are setting up a “seed matching service” to share out what people have and match them to those who want them.  If you have surplus vegetable seeds, plant plugs, strawberry runners, etc or are looking for some seeds, we should like you to email us via membership@csgga.org before 21st April..  We will then catalogue the available seeds, collect and divide them into smaller, more manageable, quantities and contact those who want them to arrange collection. If you are self-isolated and living in St Giles, but would like some seeds, please let us know and we will either arrange delivery or post them to you.  

Pop up plant sale

It is very unlikely that our plant sale will be able to go ahead as planned in May.  However, we would like to encourage everyone to continue to grow the plants they were planning to donate.  We are planning to have some pop up stalls with honesty boxes where people can collect plants while on their “one a day” walk or bike ride.  So please keep growing and let us know about any surplus plants you have as and when the plants are ready – we will not be restricting the pop up sale to a particular day. Donations from the “honesty boxes” will be collected to support the CSG Coronavirus Support Network/Nurse Bott fund. membership@csgga.org

Click the above to access the newsletter

Added Mar 28th 2020

There are different initiatives running in the village that you might wish to contribute to if you are in a position to do so.

All Together Community, run by Louise Chamberlain, a lynchpin in the CSG Coronavirus Community Network, has received funding from the Nurse Bott Fund to buy food for those in need in St Giles, Jordans and Seer Green and from Age Concern to help the elderly in St Giles. If you would like to donate to this, please email Louise at info@alltogethercic.co.uk to find out how.

The Feathers Pub is regularly collecting non-perishable foodstuffs and goodies for NHS staff at local hospitals. They are also collecting donations of hand cream and snacks to keep ambulance staff going. If you would like to donate to this, please contact Monica on 07503 433296 or email info@featherspub.com

If you’d like to help further afield, parishioners Margaret and Bill Dykes are supporting the Parish Church’s contributions to the Chiltern Food Bank by receiving donations with which they buy goods from Fairtrade to deliver weekly to the foodbank. They will keep a running total of money received/goods purchased which they will publish via the Church website/weekly newsletter. If you would like to donate to this via cheque or online banking, please email williamdykes@btinternet.com telephone 01494 874511 or text 07968 421416.
Likewise, if you know of anyone in need, please contact Louise.

If you have any other queries about the CSG Coronavirus Support Network, please
email elle.oconnor


Added Mar 28th 2020

Jordans Village Community Store Ltd
In the current uncertain climate, we are continually trying to adapt to changing (and challenging!) circumstances whilst continuing to serve the community. We are lucky to have a large number of local suppliers who have been incredible when larger companies have let us down. That said, they themselves are suffering and having to make changes in order to survive.

From Monday 30th March, we will be making a number of further changes to the way that the Store operates, so that we can continue to meet the needs of our community.

Monday - Saturday : 9am - 1pm,
Sunday : 9am-11am (NB fresh bakery items no longer available)

Please note there is no Post Office for the foreseeable future and the Store will be closed on Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday

Monday - Friday : 1pm - 3pm
by email:     enquiries@jordansvillagestore.co.uk
or phone:    01494-873279

available Mon - Fri
to Jordans residents with Advance Credit accounts only
(Advance Credit accounts can be set up without leaving your home)

Orders containing fresh fruit and vegetables will be available as follows:
Placed by 3 pm on         Available on
Monday                    ->     Wednesday
Tuesday                   ->     Thursday
Wednesday              ->     Friday
Thursday/Friday       ->     Tuesday

Orders not containing fresh fruit and vegetables will be available on the following working day.
Orders for collection should usually be available after 11 am.
Deliveries will be made mid-afternoon, usually shortly after 2 pm.

We are still learning about how this works for the best, so we ask that you bear with us and accept our mistakes with a smile (but let us know and we will try to sort them out as quickly as possible).

We are hugely conscious that being a focal point for the village means we are a point of congregation and whilst we do still want to encourage human interaction, we ask that you:


In return, we will maintain high hygiene practices by sanitising points of contact, maintain the advised distance and ensure all our staff and volunteers wash their hands and wear gloves whilst handling your goods.


Thank you for your continuing support and understanding during this challenging time.
Jordans Village Community Store

Added Mar 25th 2020


I have just been to the pharmacy to collect a prescription for my other half who has a heart condition.

I walked up the Deanway only to see on 2 separate occasions, construction workers in a close proximity to each other, i.e. within touching distance, don't they listen, even men are catching this virus, they are not immune. The first set of construction workers were on the new houses being built and second set were doing a drive way and steps to a house in which there were residents.

Have they not seen the pleas from doctors, nurses, nhs workers and our government about social distancing... what will it take to get the message across?

Please call upon household members if they are having work completed by trades people that they encourage them to keep to the rules, it is there for all our benefits.
Following a plea for volunteers to come forward, Chalfont St Giles has proved what an amazing community it is. Roads have been leafleted and each has a coordinator who is there to provide support to those who are housebound.

The network is growing, with more volunteers assisting the coordinators and those needing help finding a friendly voice and support at the end of the phone. We are ahead of the curve regarding Matt Hancock’s plea for support for the vulnerable.

In order to make our efforts more effective and efficient, Caron Chung, a local resident, has provided us with a website, free of charge and in her own time, which lists the coordinators, has useful information links and enables residents to sign up to help, or ask for help.Caron is a Digital Marketing Consultant  (www.bizbuzzbox.com) and we are very grateful to her for her work in providing this resource.

The website is at https://csghelpline.co.uk/

Take a look. If you have any suggestions or comments, Eleanor O’Connor, who is Administrator of the website, will be happy to hear from you (details on the website). Spread the word and sign up using the Offer Help or Ask for Help buttons. Any information provided will be passed on as appropriate so that action can be taken.

If you know of anyone struggling to get essential supplies, or struggling financially, we have a network ready to provide help. Louise Chamberlain can be contacted for further information on 07956 190291 or email louise_chamber@hotmail.co.uk

Together we will get through this and when we come out the other side, we will be an even stronger community!
Competitive rates, free estimates, free courtesy cars,
insurance and non fault claims.
Update from
Jordans Village Community Store Ltd
Limited Opening Hours

From Tuesday 24th March the village shop be limiting its opening hours. 

We will be open to customers from 9am to 1pm. 
During these hours we will be selling from a 'counter' at the shop door.

We will be taking telephone orders from 1pm to 3pm. 
These orders will be available for delivery or collection the next day.

We are taking these necessary steps safety of all. 
Please remember to stay at least 2m / 6ft apart even when outdoors.

Thank you
Jordans Village Community Store

Your Complete

Veterinary Care

Although we are not having our  monthly meetings or group sessions we will be sending out a fortnightly newsletter starting this week to keep members posted as to what is happening within their U3A group and to share any pertinent information re local shops pharmacies etc

Added Mar 20th 2020

Keeping the housebound safe

Sadly, we are already hearing reports of those self-isolating being defrauded by people posing as helpers in towns not far from here. In order to prevent that happening in our villages, please ensure any elderly you are in contact with know that they should only ever pay cash to someone when the shopping has been delivered with a receipt and never hand their bank cards to anyone they don't know and trust. Our volunteers are being asked to follow this rule. 

Any other suggestions for keeping people safe welcome!. Contact elle.oconnor@ntlworld.com phone 07946 629076 or 01494 875646.

A wonderfully kind resident is going to set up a website for the Chalfont St Giles Volunteer Group so that we can add volunteer details, share information and generally provide a means of keeping in touch so that all our vulnerable villagers have someone there for them. Watch this space!

Look after yourselves everyone.
The Deli

Mark is to start delivering food on Monday to anyone in the village. It can be ready meals or any Deli food including bread, cheeses, cakes etc.

Please pass that on to anyone you know.

Added Mar 19th 2020

Grabbed from the
Chalfont St. Giles Information and Selling Facebook Group
One of the best things about Chalfont St Giles is the fantastic community spirit. With that in mind, why not join together to try and support the numerous businesses that will be losing customers during this difficult time?

Every day we will be highlighting a local business and sharing how you can help. First up is
Milton’s Cottage Trust.

While they won't be opening in April in response to the coronavirus guidelines, they recognise that people may need access to nature and heritage more than ever during this period. That's why they're opening their literary garden – planted with trees, flowers and fruits referenced in Milton’s poetry – to the public at no charge as of 1st April 2020.

Here's how you can help. You can make a direct donation to Milton's Cottage via their website, or even become a friend of the museum: https://www.miltonscottage.org/support/

Of course, we understand that not everyone will be in a position to donate at the time. You could also follow their social media accounts, share their posts, leave some comments and spread some support and positivity - every little helps!

If you're a local business and are finding unique ways to serve your community during this time, or have some suggestions as to how we can help support you, please get in touch.
Just wanted to make anyone aware (although they’ve already received a letter through letter boxes) that Fleetwood Close has a very good neighbourly WhatsApp group set up to help anyone within the close during this troublesome time.
Eliza Kayrouz
Due to the current situation with Covid-19 virus Chalfonts U3A have postponed monthly meetings and all group activities until further notice. We will be keeping in touch with our members and offering help and support where needed. Contactus@chalfontsu3a.org.uk

Added Mar 18th 2020

Dear villagers

In these difficult times with everyone facing uncertainty and some having to self-isolate, the village is rallying round to offer help.

A group has been set up in the village for those who want to help those who are self-isolating. Information is on the Chalfont St Giles Information and Selling Facebook page and there is also a WhatsApp group co-ordinated by Louise Chamberlain. Volunteers are putting leaflets through doors throughout the village with their name and contact details, offering to be a contact point if help is needed.  If you would like to volunteer for this (as we are trying to cover every road in CSG), please contact Louise on 07956 190291 to find out which roads are outstanding. Eleanor O'Connor, at elle.oconnor@ntlworld.com / phone 07946 629076 / 01494 875646 can provide you with the relevant paperwork for printing and put you in touch with Bucks Building Society who have very kindly offered to help with the printing.

Alternatively, if you are/will be self-isolating and need assistance, and have not seen one of the leaflets dropped through your door yet, please contact Eleanor and she'll put you in touch with someone who can help.

It is important that our vulnerable and elderly know they should not give their bank card or cash to anyone they don’t know who is offering help. Genuine volunteers will buy shopping using their own money and expect to be reimbursed on production of a receipt.

You can also arrange orders/deliveries from Fruits & Roots, Warner’s Butchers, Stratton Bakery and Yalden’s. The Feathers Pub can provide a list of trades who will come out for emergencies and they are also organising a collection box for locals to put non perishable food items in. They have a man with a van who can deliver to people if needed.

Phone numbers are:

Fruits & Roots     01494 871042
Warner’s         01494 872016
Yalden’s         01494 872219
Stratton Bakery    01494 874983
The Feathers     01494 872614  or email info@featherspub.com

Finally, if you would like to donate to help village families in need, the Nurse Bott Fund is organising Co-Op vouchers. You can donate money for this to:

The Marjorie Bott Memorial Fund
Account number 03606902

It's so good to see the village coming together. Stay safe and well everyone.
Chalfont St Giles Literary & Film Club
It has been decided, because of the current health crisis, that the talk by Jonnie Robinson on Monday 23 March will be postponed until the autumn.

Refunds for ticket sales can be obtained from the Community Library on provision of tickets.
Corona Volunteers

I am an able bodied 60-something whose social activities have been severely curtailed and who therefore has more time than usual. I am conscious that some people in the village will be very hard hit by the Corona virus and may find themselves confined to their homes.

My family is willing to help in any way we can. Is there already anyone who is co-ordinating volunteer effort in the village? Please let me know if so. If you too are happy to be of service but don’t know the best way to do it – let me know that too.

Jane Penson 01494 872546 07778 803338
The following section is information grabbed from the
Chalfont St. Giles Information and Selling Facebook Group
so if you haven't got a Facebook account you can still benefit from the help there.
I'll post updates as and when I see them.
We are just finalising the details but Stratton Bakery will be offering a local door-step delivery service from the end of the week - hoping to link in with the village greengrocers too to help our customers.

Roots and Fruits will deliver a prepacked fruit and veg box with different price levels depending on your requirements. Specific orders will be difficult to fulfill as the availability of produce may vary. Deliveries will be Tues, Weds and Fridays and you can order yours by email (preferred) fruitsandrootsltd@icloud.com or by phoning the shop on 871042.
The shop hours are changing too and are as follows 9-5 Mon-Fri and 9-2 Saturday.
John and the staff at The Feathers pub have kindly offered help to anyone who has any problems/issues due to being isolated because of the coronavirus. Being a pub the staff have contact with many tradesmen that they can ask to assist you if needed. They will also have a collection box in the pub for locals to put non perishable food items in and can deliver to people if needed.
Please contact The Feathers on 01494 872614 or info@featherspub.com
With the current situation with Corona Virus we wanted to give an update. In store we are taking precautions to keep shared areas clean and are providing wipes to clean your hands as you require. Staff are frequently cleaning their own hands and using gloves as much as possible.
For customers that are in self isolation or vulnerable groups and for us to keep social contact to a minimum. We want to be able to serve our customers in the best and safest possible ways and therefore we will be ready to take your enquiries via phone, email and social media communications. 01494 872219 sales@yalden.com
Payment can be made over the phone or by bank transfer with the option for a delivery to your door or we can load your car without the need to leave your vehicle.
The situation is constantly changing and we will do our best to provide you with the best service we possibly can under these challenging circumstances.
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