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In this Jubilee Concert for Ukraine, Chiltern Camerata are joined by the talented violinist Ruth Schulten to perform Beethoven’s Violin Concerto. This concerto was considered as a revolutionary piece of music at the time it was written, being a much bigger, emotional piece than any of the violin concertos that preceded it. The violin concerto is now recognised as a hugely satisfying masterpiece that perfectly displays Beethoven’s genius, taking listeners on a journey different from any violin concerto that preceded it: from a lyrical first movement, to a larghetto second movement and finally, a joyous rambunctious finale. This is a piece that violinists love to play, and soloists have commented that ‘every moment of this piece is inspired and uplifting.’

Bologne: L'Amant Anonyme Overture is the opening piece of an opera. The plot consists of nothing more than the Anonymous Lover finding the courage to declare his identity, leading to joy, happiness and general rejoicing. There is nothing of profundity or food for thought in the libretto that would occasion special attention, but the music is another story. It is elegant, charming, lively and, most important, deeply expressive and even profound when it needs to be.
The composer, Joseph Bologne, was born on a plantation on the French Caribbean island of  Guadeloupe. His father was a French slave owner and his mother an enslaved Senegalese woman. He has been virtually ignored over more than two centuries and it is with great pleasure that we join with others in bringing his music to our audience in Buckinghamshire.

Mozart: Symphony No.35. What sets this symphony apart from others of Mozart is his instructions to the players. The symphony opens with a grand movement which Mozart stated was to be “played with fire”. The next couple of movements are beautiful and lyrical but just in case listeners start to doze off, the last movement is an energetic presto, which Mozart advised his father Leopold, should be played "as fast as possible". It is a virtuosic movement that is full of surprises in the dynamics and the harmony, creating a good humoured end to the piece. It will be exciting to see how much fire and speed Simon and the Camerata musicians manage to give this exhilarating symphony!

All profits from this concert go to aid Ukraine. Chiltern Camerata are grateful for the support and partnership of the Beacon School in the production and organisation of this concert.
Please buy your tickets in advance if possible from here
Full price £15
Free tickets are available for 18s and under
Tickets will also be available on the door (subject to availability)
Doors open 6.45pm      Seating is unallocated
For ticketing enquiries, please call 01753 889519

There is ample free parking for audience members on site.

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