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Added Apr 8th 2020

Chalfont St Giles Show Committee gives donation of £2,400 to ALL TOGETHER COMMUNITY for Covid 19 support.
Every year the Show Committee decides how much money, if any, can be put aside to give to local charities and good causes. The committee was about to consider in detail all the applications received when the Covid 19 crisis broke.

It was unanimously decided by the Committee that the Chalfont St Giles Show should donate the total amount available of £2,400 to the All Together Community group. This will help to provide support to those who are most in need in our village in this time of crisis.

We are particularly lucky to have a strong community in our village who have mobilised to help the vulnerable and those facing hardship from the lockdown. The All Together Community group, run by Louise Chamberlain, is using donations to provide food and other essentials to those hardest hit. 

We have also taken the difficult, but right, decision to cancel the show in September this year. We will keep the situation under review to see whether there can be any further donations to deserving groups in our community in 2021.

If you have any queries on the above, please contact secretary@csgshow.org

If you would like to donate to All Together Community’s work in the village please email Louise Chamberlain at info@alltogethercic.co.uk for details.

If you are experiencing difficulties or anxiety because of the Covid 19 crisis, know someone who is, or just need a helping hand or to hear a friendly voice, the Chalfont St Giles Community Support Network can help.

Further information available at https://csghelpline.co.uk/
Epilepsy Society now closed to the public

Please note that Epilepsy Society has now closed its site to the public, including dog walkers, in order to safeguard the vulnerable residents who live here. We hope you will understand and we look forward to welcoming everyone again during more settled times.

Added April 1st 2020 

But none of this is a joke!

So This is what the local 'Low Lifes' (submitted description) do when they are bored?


New trees in Monument Lane


Hopefully a feeling of immense shame will turn their faces red and the guilt will see a confession?


Another reason to keep the idiots indoors! Ed.

Added Mar 25th 2020

Although we are not having our  monthly meetings or group sessions we will be sending out a fortnightly newsletter starting this week to keep members posted as to what is happening within their U3A group and to share any pertinent information re local shops pharmacies etc

Added Mar 18th 2020

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